Photo Analysis - Bulk Upload Instructions

Attestiv’s Photo Analysis takes a retrospective look at settled claims, producing tamper reports identifying potential image-related fraud.


Photo submission process

Attestiv will accept photos using secure and encrypted upload processes, including:

  • Secure shares (i.e. Google, Dropbox, Box)
  • Object storage (i.e. AWS S3 bucket)
  • SFTP
  • Attestiv Dashboard


Claims photo requirements

  • All photos in original, full-sized or best available format
  • Jpg and pdf format acceptable
  • Indexed by claim ID – either hierarchically or by file name
  • Optionally include the date of claim and asset information


Photo handling

  • All photos maintained in secure share or in encrypted storage on Attestiv systems for analysis
  • All data purged after analysis is complete

Attestiv results report

  • High-level summary of anomalies and categories
  • Individual per claim report in HTML, pdf or JSON format
    • Identification of claims needing attention
    • Detailed explanation of anomalies