Attestiv powers your business solutions

If photos and videos are essential to your business, you can virtually eliminate the risk of fraud and tampering with Attestiv. Unlike forensic solutions which are cumbersome and limited in scale, Attestiv validates the authenticity of photos and videos from the point of capture to any time thereafter, with patent-pending inline validation.

Capture or import photos through our mobile apps or integrate our APIs directly into your existing mobile apps, autonomous camera/surveillance systems or media storage systems. Choose our light touch, near-zero effort integration or use the full Attestiv platform to leverage the power of our AI-assisted workflows.

Beyond ensuring the authenticity of media, Attestiv’s AI-assisted capabilities enable your business to move from manual processes to self-service and fully automated processes. Attestiv eliminates the need for intermediaries for verification and reduces manual entry via context-sensitive auto-population of reports and forms. Our smart media workflows are able to improve accuracy, save time and reduce overall costs.





Claims and subrogation

Public Safety

Evidentiary photos/media

Police Reports

Chain of custody

News & Media

Deepfake prevention

Validated photos/videos

Validated posts

Real Estate

Rental listings

Rental inspections

Building and construction


Enhanced listings

Vehicle condition verification


Loan asset registration

Fraud protection

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