For IoT

Safeguarding digital devices, sensor data and machine communications

Internet of things (IoT) sectors including energy services, autonomous/ remote operated technologies, military equipment, aerospace and manufacturing.

Challenges in IoT

Lack of security procedures, monitoring encryption and privacy put the IoT space at high risk of fraud and malicious intent.

Detrimental effects upstream and downstream
  • Compromising centralized decision making
  • Sabotaging autonomous operation of edge devices
Corrupt data
  • Data manipulation
  • Spoofing
  • Compromised devices

Value Proposition

The Attestiv Enterprise Solution uses patent-pending technology to address many common IoT challenges, including:

  • Reducing operational cost by eliminating intermediaries, manual verification and manual decision processes 
  • Reducing risk by making validated data capture part of digital workflows
  • Enabling secure autonomous transactions between machines and third parties
  • Exponentially increasing the difficulty of insider and outsider threats

The Attestiv Platform

The Attestiv platform, built on distributed ledger technology, can obviate many of the most common attacks. The tamper-proof ledger resides out-of-band relative to the primary data path and remote attestation prevents tampering with both the software installed on the end device and the data being transmitted to the ledger. Because the ledger relies on a decentralized consensus protocol, tampering by bad actors (both insiders and outsiders) is prevented.

Enabling Trusted, Secure Data, Transactions & Machine Autonomy

  • Protect data provided by the devices
  • Authenticate machines and machinery
  • Track chain of custody of data and edge devices
  • Timestamp and document a point in time
  • Authenticate and validate registries
  • Prevent data manipulation and  spoofing 

How it Works

Data is captured via remote sensor or edge device

iot fingerprint phase
Data and device are fingerprinted
iot blockchain phase
Fingerprints are registered on a distributed ledger (blockchain)
iot validate phase

Data and device can be validated via a fingerprint comparison

Features & Benefits

Multi-level data authentication

Eliminates centralization and single points of failure within the ecosystem to prevent data tampering and enhance data security

No storage of identifiable information

Offers highest levels of privacy and protection against breach

Devices, data, metadata are registered on the blockchain via a unique fingerprint

Enables trust in device autonomy, identity, and integrity of data captured

Chain of custody tracking with real-time validation

Traceability and auditability

AI Enhancements

Proactively detects anomalies and potential bad data

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