Insurance Carriers

Attestiv for Insurance Carriers modernizes business processes and protects against fraud across the entire ecosystem.


For your bottom line

We prevent fraud from the get-go by validating images and documents reducing risk.

We automate and enable self-service processes by using tamper-proof technology to reduce your staffing and resourcing needs.

We reduce time and effort by streamline the process of data gathering for complex clients.


For your customers

Allow customers to upload and send claim images and information on our secure mobile interface.

Better customer experience with quicker turnaround time for claim information and payments.


For your agencies

Allow your agencies the ability to get higher quality leads by validating the photos during the on-boarding process. 

Build your agency bonds by growing their sales opportunities with superior product offerings.

agency app example

For your employees

Your employees will be more efficient as they’ll receive photos from adjusters within a couple of hours of capture. 


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