Attestiv Analyze

Using our AI powered technology, Attestiv Analyze scans existing photos, video or documents and determine if they are fraudulent. Changes and anomalies are flagged by the platform so that organizations can better understand exposure and take appropriate action.

Benefits of Attestiv Analyze

Stop media fraud before it becomes costly

Simple to deploy – Works with any local or cloud data requiring no changes to existing applications

Enterprise-grade security, privacy and interoperability

  • Underwriting
  • Claims
  • Self-service operations
  • Home, auto and commercial
Bank Loans
  • Mortgages
  • Construction
Disinformation prevention
  • Media Alterations
  • Metadata changes (time, date, location)
  • Photo of photo or screen
  • Media re-use
  • Safe media fingerprinted to blockchain
  • Re-validate media without a rescan
Secure and compliant
  • Secure data communication and storage
  • Enterprise interoperability 


During this process we can detect:
  • if the time or date of a photo may have been tampered
  • if images were cropped, spliced, or altered
  • low-quality images
  • duplicate/reused photos
  • photo taken of a screen or photo of a photo
  • photos downloaded from the internet 
Actual vs. Tampered Image
Actual Tampered
image showing wall damaged that has been altered
drag and drop photo analysis

Real-time analysis

A simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly view the analysis provided from our 6-point forensic scanning capabilities. 

In seconds, we detect photo or video anomalies and/or fraud attempts.  


A comprehensive summary report will be provided containing all the photos flagged by the analysis process.


Summary data including percentages of tampered photos and the tampering method and an overall confidence score.

Clear results

Fraudulent images are highlighted with visual heat maps from Attestiv detection algorithms.

Detailed directory

A cataloged directory of potentially tampered images which includes filenames and detailed analysis information. 

Attestiv Analyze report example
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