Photo & video verification made easy

Unique, unchangeable "fingerprinting" verifies the authenticity of every photo and video.

Tamper-proof photos & videos

As photos and videos are captured from cameras or imported from media libraries, Attestiv tags the media with metadata like timestamp, photographer ID, location, etc. and stores a unique "fingerprint" in an encrypted, tamper-proof blockchain distributed ledger.

Multiple authenticity levels

Authenticity is not black and's green, amber and red. Attestiv verifies authenticity throughout the media file's lifecycle and chain of custody. From Authenticated capture, to Imported, Scanned, Endorsed, or Altered.

Patent-pending AI

Attestiv makes extensive use of AI algorithms to perform image categorization, text extraction, and authentication. Attestiv can even authenticate versions of an original photo or video that have been saved in different resolutions or formats.

Smart media workflows

Mobile- and web-based workflows guide people through image & video capture, plus any extra data entry you require. Great for self-service insurance claims, home inspection, vehicle sales listings, and more.

Secure, evidence-grade proof

Image metadata is encrypted and stored in a tamper-proof blockchain ledger to ensure authentications cannot be compromised. A range of privacy and security options gives you flexible sharing options, and captured images can be authenticated without being shared.

Easy to integrate

Use Attestiv-branded web and mobile apps and browser extensions or integrate Attestiv into your branded front-end. Attestiv photo and video authentication services integrate easily into existing workflows and web & mobile applications via Attestiv APIs.

New customer experiences built on verified digital media

With digital media verification and image recognition, Attestiv makes it easy to reinvent your business. Create new self-service and gig economy solutions on Attestiv or via the Attestiv API for your own custom-branded web and mobile apps.

The Attestiv Experience

1. Capture

Capture or import digital media files from mobile devices, body and car cams, drones, surveillance systems, or legacy media libraries through the Attestiv mobile or web app or APIs.

2. Fingerprint

Attestiv tags the media with metadata like timestamp, photographer ID, device ID, geographic location, and weather. Then it computes a unique “fingerprint” for the digital media asset.

3. Store

Attestiv stores the fingerprint and metadata in an encrypted, tamper-proof format on a blockchain distributed ledger. The photos and videos do not have to be stored with the fingerprint; you can keep them private and prove authenticity any time in the future.

4. View

Patent-pending real-time verification informs viewers of the digital media whether the image or video is authentic or not. Attestiv uses AI to help verify; it can confirm a photo or video is valid even if it has been re-saved in a different format or resolution.

Would you like to learn more?

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