Self-service Inspections

About Attestiv Self-Service Inspection

Provide self-service inspections built on Attestiv tamper-proof technology that are safe, simple and touch-less.

Allow clients or 3rd parties to submit photos, videos or documents that you need for appraisals, compliance and safety regulations. Request exactly what you need via an easy to use dashboard. 


Request Self-Service Inspections from your Attestiv Dashboard

From your Attestiv dashboard, easily request specific information from your clients.

Use for:

  • Property and site inspections
    • Insurance
    • Commercial
    • Personal
    • Appraisals
    • Mortgage and refinance
    • Commercial safety
    • Construction and repair
    • Rentals and leases
  • Vehicles inspection and accidents
  • Industrial and military

Attestiv Self-Service Benefits

Eliminate the need for onsite visits

Reduce risk by increasing inspection frequency and coverage

Reduce inspection costs

Tamper-proof technology allows for accuracy, trust and traceability

Enterprise-grade security and privacy

person taking cell phone picture of outside of a house

Self-Service Without the Risks

The benefits of self-service are clear but there are risks involved with accepting digital media provided by clients or 3rd parties, including:

  • Questionable accuracy, time or location
  • Need for training and expertise
  • Need for intermediaries to validate
  • Violating social distancing guidelines

Attestiv guided workflows are simple for anyone to use.

Because Attestiv fingerprints the inspection media assets, timestamp and location to an immutable ledger, virtually any ecosystem stakeholder, from organizational management to outside regulators, can audit and validate the results at any time. Learn more about the technology.

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