Attestiv for Banking & Finance

Approve financing faster and at lower cost with self-service tamper-proof digital media

Digital media in banking

  • Photos and videos of assets to be financed
  • Photos and scans of legal and finance documents
  • Digital media strengthens assurance of asset value and process compliance

How Attestiv helps

  • Create new mobile or on-line financing application experiences
  • Ensures the authenticity of digital media without the cost of paid intermediaries, manual data entry, expert testimony, or new computing infrastructure.
  • Very easy to share digital media with other departments, customers, and 3rd parties, while keeping track of chain of custody throughout

How Attestiv works

Tamper-proof media capture Attestiv validates the authenticity of photos and videos from the point of capture to any time thereafter, with patent-pending inline validation. Capture or import media files from mobile devices or digital media libraries through the Attestiv mobile app or APIs. Attestiv tags the media with metadata like timestamp, photographer ID, device ID, geographic location, weather. It computes a unique "fingerprint" for the digital media asset and stores it in an encrypted, tamper-proof format and location. People are informed of the authenticity of your photos and videos in real-time via your web or mobile apps. Smart media workflows Attestiv allows you to build Smart Media workflows that step mobile app users through the authenticated image or video capture process. Attestiv includes optical character recognition (OCR) which scans photos of documents for text inputs to reduce data entry effort on financing applications. Contact us today to learn how Attestiv can help you transform your banking services and business processes with tamper-proof digital media.

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