Attestiv for Real Estate

Tamper-proof before and after photos of real estate and rental properties

Digital media in real estate

  • Rental property or a real estate sales listings are only as compelling as their photos and video walk-throughs
  • Property and rental photos are often used in court to resolve damage disputes
  • Digital media used to verify the progress of new construction--from the ground or via drones

How Attestiv trusted photos help

  • Higher quality real estate listings
  • Provable, authentic listing photos & videos
  • Easier dispute resolution for before & after condition
  • Lower costs - reduce paid intermediaries, manual data entry, no new computing infrastructure.

How Attestiv works

Tamper-proof media capture Attestiv validates the authenticity of real estate photos and videos from the point of capture to any time thereafter, with patent-pending inline validation. Capture or import media files from mobile devices, drones, or digital media libraries through the Attestiv mobile app or APIs. Attestiv tags the media with metadata like timestamp, photographer ID, device ID, geographic location, weather. It computes a unique "fingerprint" for the digital media asset and stores it in an encrypted, tamper-proof format and location. People are informed of the authenticity of your photos and videos in real-time via your web or mobile apps. Smart media workflows Attestiv allows you to build Smart Media workflows that step mobile app users through the real-estate authenticated image or video capture process. Contact us today to learn how Attestiv can help you transform your real estate sales, rental, and construction business.

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