Ensure authenticity and originality of photos, videos and documents

Build trust and reduce risk with the industry's most comprehensive validation solution

We offer a suite of products and APIs designed to improve your business. We use our patented validation technology to enhance each of our offerings.

self-service processing

Better insights, better results

Are you making important decisions using business-quality digital media?

Attestiv analyzes how you stack up against industry best practices for validating digital media used to make important decisions and enable trusted automation.

Actionable insights help organizations improve, optimize and protect their intake of digital media, creating sustainable and fraud-resilient processes.

More efficiency, less fraud

Providing validation of all digital media with the Attestiv Platform and APIs for Insurance and beyond

We help insurance organizations and industries that are dependent on digital media meet their need for automation without opening the door to fraud.

For use in quoting, claims, renewals, inspections and more, we can prevent and detect fraud during customer photo and document submission and within self-service operations.

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Safeguarded and tamper-proofed digital media

We eliminate fake and altered digital media while providing protection

The Attestiv platform validates the authenticity of uploaded photos, videos and documents provided by your employees or customers. Using our patented technology, you and your customers can trust what’s real.

Attestiv does not alter your digital media. We fingerprint and validate media in real-time via mobile devices, APIs or the Attestiv web portal. See our Solutions >

Enabling digital transformation

Self-service workflows that save time and improve results

Guided workflows and authenticated image & video enable your customers to document the condition of assets and provide you with essential details pertaining to your business.

Perfect for insurance and banking, automotive, construction industries and more

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