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Financial services, news and media, and insurance companies are just three industries that experience the direct negative impact fake images can have. According to Allianz, incidents of image, video and document fraud increased by 300% between 2021-22 and 2022-23.

To combat this growing problem, Attestiv uses patented AI technology and our first-of-its-kind,  cloud-scale, fake image detector software to authenticate, validate, and protect the integrity of vital digital media and data. 

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Why Use Fake Image Detector Software for Your Business?

Generative AI and other technologies are quickly advancing, making it all the more important for businesses to establish trust. Whether for accurate reporting or preventing fraudulent insurance claims, online businesses need to have a mechanism capable of verifying authentic media to:

  • Prevent business losses from fraudulent photos.
  • Eliminate the need for manual photo inspection and validation.
  • Protect their company’s professional reputation.
  • Prevent harmful deepfake cyberthreats.

Attestiv Products

Fake Image Detector Features

Our platform and APIs utilize advanced machine learning (ML) to:

  • Analyze images down to the pixel to determine whether they have been altered.
  • Assess images visually using heat maps.
  • Provide near real-time analysis.

Our AI photo detector technology forensically scans every image to detect anomalies and optionally stores a digital fingerprint on a blockchain (an immutable digital ledger) for validation at any point in the future.

We provide a score for the likelihood of an image’s authenticity across these categories:

Anomalies in time, date, location or other metadata may indicate an image has been edited or tampered with.

Photo editing programs may leave traces of editing in a file.

We validate if an image’s file structure has been altered or synthetically generated.

An image may have been photographed or is a screen shot.

An image can be modified by lowering its quality to hide details that have been changed from the original.

Attestiv runs an extensive search for image matches online to identify whether the image was downloaded from another source.

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The Process

Here’s how Attestiv’s fake image detector software works:

  1. Photos are analyzed via the Attestiv dashboard or APIs.
  2. Every individual photo is analyzed in six separate categories, each consisting of AI, ML, and rules-based models.
  3. Photos are assigned a score from 0 to 100, with any score over 50 representing a suspicious image.
  4. Our system outputs a text explanation elaborating on categories failing analysis and additional detail on specific anomalies .
  5. Deep scan performs a pixel analysis of the image using heatmaps to highlight areas that have potentially been modified or synthetically generated.
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What Our Customers Have to Say

Attestiv Products

You Don’t Have to Be in the Dark About the Authenticity of Images

Whether you’re publishing content or validating insurance claims, you need to be able to future-proof the validity of source media. Attestiv can help.

Get started with a free 30-day trial of our platform.

Got questions? Get in touch with Attestiv’s image detection experts to discuss the benefits of evidence-grade proof today!

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Fake Picture Detector FAQs

Yes, Attestiv can detect virtually any image manipulation that alters pixels or metadata, including editing, retouching, and other composition alterations.

Attestiv’s image analysis typically takes seconds per photo. Processing is run in parallel in the cloud using GPU acceleration, making it possible for users to scale.

It is crucial for image data to remain private and secure while being authenticated. Attestiv’s dashboard and APIs use encrypted network protocols during analysis. Our platform does not store images after analysis is complete.

For users that require permanent image storage, we provide fully encrypted storage.

Attestiv’s real-time platform includes fingerprinting, triage, and deep scan—a combination you won’t find elsewhere.

Our AI authentication, validation, and data integrity protection are patented. Results can be fingerprinted and stored on a blockchain where they cannot be altered or removed.

Who uses Attestiv?

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