Industry-leading protection against altered or tampered digital media

The Attestiv Platform is built on our patented AI technology to authenticate, validate, and protect the integrity of important digital media and data.

Our technology takes any digital media (including photos, videos, documents, sensor data, telemetry data, etc.) that is captured by Attestiv apps and APIs or imported from any external source to identify if it has been altered or tampered with.

We forensically scan each item to detect anomalies and store a fingerprint on a blockchain (distributed ledger) where it cannot be changed, enabling validation at any point in the future. We offer additional analysis to help automate and simplify processing of digital media, including text extraction and object recognition.

Our process

Capture or import

capture or import image

Capture or import digital media files like images, video, documents or data from mobile devices, cameras, drones, surveillance systems, or legacy digital media libraries through the Attestiv mobile or web app or APIs. Learn more about our Products.

Fingerprinting to the blockchain

fingerprint technology image
Attestiv uses the media data to create a secure fingerprint. This fingerprint becomes a unique representation of the digital media asset, similar to human fingerprint and can identify future changes or alterations. Attestiv puts the fingerprint into a blockchain (which is tamper-proof). The digital media associated with the fingerprint does not have to be stored with the fingerprint and are generally vaulted separately meaning that you can keep them private and prove authenticity at any time in the future using Attestiv as a privacy silo.


validation symbols example images
Patented real-time verification informs viewers of the digital media whether it is authentic, imported, unknown or altered. 

Real-time media analysis and tamper detection

Attestiv dashboard example screen
Attestiv uses AI to detect photo or video anomalies and/or fraud attempts by using a forensic scan resulting in an aggregate tamper score. This scan includes metadata, provenance, photo of photo, image integrity, image quality, and a reverse search scoring of each piece of media. 

Deep scan pixel-level image analysis

deep scan technology
Attestiv allows for the deep scanning of images, with different sensitivity levels, to locate and isolate signs of manipulation or transplantation which are displayed via a heat map overlay.


automation mage example
Attestiv provides document analysis to read and process text within documents eliminating manual entry and also recognizes objects within images and videos. 


Tamper-proof photos & videos

As data is captured from cameras or imported from digital media libraries, Attestiv captures metadata from the digital media and stores a unique “fingerprint” in an encrypted, tamper-proof blockchain distributed ledger.

Patented technology

Attestiv makes extensive use of AI algorithms to perform image categorization, text extraction, and authentication. Attestiv can even authenticate versions of an original photo or video that have been saved in different resolutions or formats.

Multiple authenticity levels

Attestiv verifies authenticity throughout the digital media file’s lifecycle and chain of custody. From Authenticated capture, to Imported, Scanned, Endorsed, or Altered.

Secure, evidence-grade proof​

Because fingerprints are stored in a blockchain to ensure authentication, your data cannot be compromised. Traditional chain of custody protocols are no longer needed as digital media can be securely vaulted or shared with trusted parties. Regardless, Attestiv can identify changes or alterations, even eliminating insider threats.


Attestiv is designed to meet enterprise security and compliance requirements, offering a storage agnostic architecture allowing secure storage of data virtually anywhere, ledger-agnostic architecture compatible with a choice of public or private distributed ledgers and enterprise ACLs that operate seamlessly with your existing user management.

Optimized User Experience

Whether your goal is to streamline workflows to save time and money or retain your existing branded front-end without altering familiar interfaces, Attestiv solutions will meet your user experience goals while you modernize the handling, tracking and validation of digital media files.

Demo Videos

Understanding the dashboard
Validation and fingerprinting
Media analysis

Industry Standards


  • Do you require users to manually upload photos individually or do you accept large batches of photos?

    We never require our customers to use the dashboard UI. It's more efficient to do an API integration for high photo volume.

  • What is the difference between the analysis methods that Attestiv tests against?

    Each of the models analyzes a different aspect of the media.

    Metadata will look for any metadata anomalies that may indicate editing or tampering.
    Provenance looks for traces left behind in the file by many photo editors.
    Integrity evaluates whether the file structure is valid.
    Photo of photo looks at whether the image may be a photo of a screen.
    Quality determines if the file has potentially been modified to hide detail by lowering the quality.
    Reverse Search looks for matches of the image on the internet potentially indicating the image is not original and has been downloaded.

  • Can you extract the original data from a fingerprint?

    No, the fingerprint is a unique cryptographic representation of the media data and metadata.

  • Do I need to store the media data on an Attestiv database?

    No, the data can be kept in the user’s network.  The fingerprint can be generated via APIs on the user’s network.  Attestiv only manages the fingerprints that are stored on the blockchain.

  • How does fingerprinting work?

    A fingerprint is a unique signature that represents the contents of a digital asset. Attestiv distributes a library so that customers can generate fingerprints of their assets at the source. These fingerprints are sent to the Attestiv platform, where they are collected and written to an immutable blockchain. At any point, you can regenerate and compare the fingerprints of your assets to the original versions. If a file has been altered, the fingerprint will no longer match.

  • What type of ledger do you use?

    Attestiv has a ledger agnostic architecture that plugs into virtually any ledger. We support default public ledgers for customers who do not have specific ledger requirements. Contact us for details.

  • Does Attestiv store my data?

    Attestiv offers the option to store your data on secure cloud storage, but can also store the data on existing enterprise storage, without affecting regulatory compliance, security and disaster recovery requirements for organizations.

  • Does any personal data get stored on the distributed ledger?

    There is no need for any personal data to be stored on the ledger. Some applications may store non-identifiable context metadata for media files.

  • Do you have technology that the forensic photo industry doesn't have?

    Our combination real-time approach is unique because it includes fingerprinting, triage and deep scan which doesn’t exist elsewhere. We have the best solution on the market.

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