Industry-leading protection against altered or tampered digital media

The Attestiv Platform is built on our patent-pending AI technology to authenticate, validate, and protect the integrity of important media and data.

Our technology takes any digital media (including photos, videos, documents, sensor data, telemetry data, etc.) that is captured by Attestiv apps and APIs or imported from any external source to identify if it has been altered or tampered with.

We forensically scan each item to detect anomalies and store a fingerprint on a blockchain (distributed ledger) where it cannot be changed, enabling validation at any point in the future. We offer additional analysis to help automate and simplify processing of media, including text extraction and object recognition.

Our Technologies​

Capture or Import

capture or import image

Capture or import digital media files like images, video, documents or data from mobile devices, cameras, drones, surveillance systems, or legacy media libraries through the Attestiv mobile or web app or APIs. Learn more about our Products.


fingerprint technology image
Attestiv uses the media data to create a secure fingerprint. This fingerprint becomes a unique representation of the digital media asset, similar to human fingerprint and can identify future changes or alterations.

Real-Time Media Tamper Detection

tamper score example image
In less than a second, Attestiv uses AI to detect photo or video anomalies and/or fraud attempts by using a 6-point forensic scan resulting in an aggregate tamper score. The 6-points scan includes metadata, provenance, photo of photo, image integrity, image quality, and a reverse search scoring of each piece of media. 


registration on the blockchain image example
Attestiv puts the fingerprint in a tamper-proof blockchain. The digital media associated with the fingerprint 
does not have to be stored with the fingerprint and are generally vaulted separately meaning that you can keep them private and prove authenticity at any time in the future using Attestiv as a privacy silo.


automation mage example
Attestiv provides document analysis to read and process text within documents eliminating manual entry and also recognizes objects within images and videos. 


validation symbols example images
Patent-pending real-time verification informs viewers of the digital media whether it is authentic, imported, unknown or altered. 

Who uses Attestiv?

Building your business with help from our trusted enterprise solutions

Underwriting, inspections, claims and subrogation for the insurance ecosystem

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Safeguard digital devices and cloud-based systems, validate and protect business-critical communications​

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Propaganda and disinformation prevention, photo and video authentication and validation

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Real estate, construction, public safety, surveillance, fake detection and prevention

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