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We are on a mission to put authenticity into all digital media.

In an age where fake and AI-generated photos, videos and documents have proliferated and are threatening numerous industries, Attestiv provides a first-of-its-kind, cloud-scale platform to ensure the authenticity and validity of digital assets utilizing patented AI technology. We help organizations of all types improve customer experience, prevent losses, and protect their reputations with fraud analysis and deep inspection of digital media.

Our Story

In 2018, “deepfakes” began to emerge as an insidious problem across the internet, making it easy to alter and distort reality via AI-generated digital media. With two successful startups under their belt and a background in data protection, Nicos Vekiarides and John Bates were working on new ways to protect data from loss, corruption and cyber attacks. They identified the question of “is this photo, video or document real?” as the newest twist to the data integrity problem that the industry had not yet solved.

Using their expertise, they addressed an emerging need for an AI solution that could discern the authenticity of photos, videos and documents – rapidly identifying fakes, alterations and images and videos created via generative AI.

With an enterprise background, they created a scalable cloud solution using AI analysis to rapidly score photos, videos and documents on their validity, which became the Attestiv SaaS Platform, solving targeted problems within insurance and other business sectors reliant on digital media like photos, videos or documents as a part of their business functions.

Today, the rapid rise and commoditization of “text to image” and “text to video” generative AI have catapulted Attestiv as the choice platform for businesses looking to protect against fake photos, videos and documents, prevent generative AI fraud and guard their reputations.

In 2018, the topic of “fake news” and “deepfakes” began to emerge as a growing problem in news, across the internet and in people’s everyday personal and business lives.

With backgrounds in data storage, Nicos Vekiarides, John Bates and Mark Morley were always working on better, faster, cheaper and more secure ways to store data.  

Using their expertise in this area, they identified an emerging need for a solution that could discern the authenticity of  assets stored, solving targeted problems within business sectors reliant on media like photos, videos or documents as a part of their business functions.

This solution would take a great first step so that people can actually understand what’s authentic, what might have been tampered with, and start to solve this growing epidemic.

With that, the idea to build the Attestiv platform technology was born.


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