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We’ve become used to believing what we see, particularly when it comes to videos and media. However, emerging technologies like AI and robust editing tools make it difficult to tell whether videos are authentic.

Businesses and individuals risk negative consequences when failing to recognize a deepfake video or videos that have been otherwise altered. The risks include:

  • Loss of trust
  • Disinformation
  • Negative media coverage
  • Potential lawsuits and other legal ramifications
  • Security threats, particularly phishing attacks


Attestiv’s forensic video authentication and deepfake detection software helps individuals and companies cover their bases by providing a way to analyze videos and validate their authenticity.

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Deepfake Video Detection Software for Video Publishers

If your organization or online business relies on sharing, creating or rapackaging videos for your audience to consume, you need to be certain that those videos you’re publishing are authentic.

Attestiv gives you the tools required to:

  • Protect your reputation.
  • Share and publish media with confidence.
  • Mitigate legal and compliance concerns.
  • Preserve the provenance of your videos and digital media.


The Attestiv Video Platform helps you manage online videos without the fear of inadvertently circulating disinformation, hacked media, or facing potential legal entanglements while providing the tools to authenticate and safely store your own media with full attestation.

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Attestiv Products

Deepfake Analysis and Validation Software for Video Consumers

Deepfake video negatively impacts every business that relies on consuming video footage for communications, research, and other daily tasks. Ensure that the videos and digital content your organization consumes are authentic and free from deepfakes and threats.

With Attestiv, you can:

  • Prevent the spread of disinformation.
  • Protect against elaborate phishing and security threats.
  • Avoid potential fraud and losses from bad external or client data.
  • Mitigate legal and compliance concerns.


The Attestiv Video Platform validates online videos to protect you and your organization from potential fraud, scams and disinformation. At the same time, it keeps your organization compliant by using Attestiv’s advanced AI framework.

Attestiv Products

How Does It Work?

Attestiv’s cloud-scale deepfake video detection software uses our patented, proprietary AI and machine learning (ML) technology to uncover evidence of tampering or synthetic elements within media files. This includes deepfakes as well as edits and other alterations. 

Our process encompasses three main steps:

  1. Upload video via the Attestiv Video web app or API
  2. Analysis and tamper detection
  3. Validation and reporting


Videos are captured and analyzed through the Attestiv Video app or using APIs. Our process runs a forensic scan which generates an Overall Suspicion Rating on a scale from 1 to 100, allowing the user to gauge the authenticity of the video.

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Deepfake Detection Tool Results

Each of our trained AI models analyzes a different aspect of the video. Different stages of our process include the ability to examine:

  • Generative AI content: Content that was created using generative AI technology
  • Face replacement: Content where subjects’ faces have been altered 
  • Lip sync or replacement: Content where the subjects’ speech and lip movements have been altered
  • Edits and alterations: Content edited from its original form in suspicious ways


Additionally, Attestiv can apply a unique signature we call fingerprints to your videos and digital media. These signatures are sent to an immutable ledger, which can be used to regenerate and compare fingerprints to assets at any time. If someone alters your files, the fingerprints will no longer match.


The Attestiv Video platform provides the following capabilities:

Trusted analysis without storing or sharing any private data.

A product you can use immediately or integrate via APIs to improve your workflow and modernize the handling, tracking, and validation of your videos and digital media.

Provides powerful analysis of any video from any source in different resolutions or formats using our unique AI algorithms.

Meets the highest regulatory and security demands for enterprise organizations.

This helps you understand analysis results to better validate and optimize your videos and media.

Provides an easy-to-understand suspicion rating system from 1 to 100 to gauge the level of a video’s authenticity.

Video Deepfake Detection Plans

Attestiv Products

Deepfake Detection Superpowers are One Click Away

AI will only get more sophisticated, so your AI detection abilities should too. With Attestiv Video, you can protect yourself and your business from deepfake videos, phishing attacks, and disinformation.

Ready to get started? Check out our free and affordable pricing plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Attestiv’s platform can detect AI-generated content, face swapping, lip-syncing, image splicing, content insertion, and other anomalies in video files.

Attestiv’s platform is tested to a minimum of 97% area under the ROC curve (AUC), a standard measurement of accuracy across numerous classification thresholds. Our models are biased toward false negatives of unique anomalies to identify and authenticate specific characteristics.

Yes. Attestiv’s platform can authenticate video footage even if it is saved at different resolutions or in different formats from the original. It also accepts URLs from various social media sites.

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