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Attestiv named Top 10 Insurtech Companies in 2020

Insurance giants have long hoped to bring more innovation into their business, but strict regulations and long-standing processes have hindered their progress. … Read More

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Nicos at Plug and Play

A Unique Opportunity

Solving for insurance claims fraud and establishing an immutable baseline state of an underwritten asset is a primary application of Attestiv and blockchain technology. In that context, and referencing the good-better-best paradigm, anytime we get a chance to present our … Read More

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Deepfakes: the new enterprise cyberthreat vector?

CIOs can create a secure digital foundation that is resilient to deepfake media and avoid becoming the next victims of deepfake fraud. … Read More

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Attack of the Deepfakes

As deepfake videos become easier to produce, the age-old cliché of ‘seeing is believing’ has been fully upended. What can be done to ensure trust? … Read More

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Why is Blockchain a Polarizing Technology?

Blockchain elicits bifurcated views about its utility. Looking beyond cryptocurrency, are there use cases for blockchain in the enterprise? … Read More

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The Intersection of Digital Transformation and Blockchain

While it’s natural to view Digital Transformation as a buzzword “du jour,” recent reports show the US is operating at less than 20% of its digital potential. If you find that number distressing, you may be even more surprised at … Read More

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How reliant are we on photos and videos? Look no further than the Super Bowl

If you happened to be in front of a TV screen on the evening of February 3, chances are you might have tuned into the NFL Super Bowl. Whether you are a fan of football, the teams, the advertisements, or … Read More

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Are fake photos and videos a looming epidemic?

Have you ever found yourself questioning the veracity of a photo or video that you saw online? If the answer is yes, that likely puts you in the majority of the population. If your best method of analyzing a suspicious … Read More

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Why the value of cryptocurrency does not diminish the value of distributed ledger technology

Having followed the meteoric surge and subsequent drop in cryptocurrency prices over the past couple of years, one might be tempted to conclude that the underlying technology, blockchain or other distributed ledgers, are to blame for the implosion of cryptocurrency pricing we are … Read More

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