Fighting Digital Media Fraud in Insurance

Across any industry, it’s always advisable to keep a watchful eye to understand and track the risk of digital media fraud. For the insurance industry, which already plagued by billions

self-service processing

Digital Media Fraud Threats in the Insurance Ecosystem

Through the process of digital transformation, insurance has grown increasingly reliant on digital media to make actionable decisions regarding the condition of insured assets for both claims and underwriting. This


The Use of Photos in Insurance: An Evolution

In our ebook “Combatting digital photo and media fraud in insurance“, we discuss emerging threats, risks, prevention but we begin by discussing the applicability of photos to insurance. Insurance The

Five confessions of an underwriter

5 Confessions of an Insurance Underwriter

We recently sat down with a savvy insurance professional with an extensive background in underwriting to learn more about the challenges within this role. Times are definitely changing for Underwriters