Summer 2022 Review

In this issue, we share our summary of Attestiv news and platform features

white car with red heat map type overlay sitting on different areas of the car noting areas of concern
Digital media authenticity

Announcing Deep Scan Pixel-Level Image Analysis

Our 50th software release ushers in exciting new technology People say that every photograph tells a story. Here at Attestiv, we can always find at least two. First, there’s the

green to red tamper scale

Understanding Image Tamper Scoring 

Attestiv uses AI to detect photo anomalies and fraud by scanning for evidence across a variety of attributes. Once our process is complete, each image receives an easy to understand tamper score.

fingerprint status

What is digital fingerprinting?

At Attestiv, we are able to secure data by fingerprinting each item to the blockchain to prevent potential inside and outside threats.

Digital media authenticity

Business Quality Digital Media Guideline #5: Processing

While processing can occur totally inadvertently as a result of internal operations, poorly maintained chain of custody and/or tracking changes to the media, companies should review these methods to ensure they aren’t causing more harm than good.