Fraud Prevention in Financial Services

For businesses growing increasingly reliant on images and video, automation and customer self-service, Attestiv offers a platform to automate processes that decrease the risk of fraud.

Comprehensive protection against document fraud

In addition to working with both pdf and scanned documents, Attestiv extracts and analyzes embedded images to offer a complete assessment. Learn more about document analysis>

Get up and running fast

with our new Analysis Service

The Attestiv Analysis Service is a web-based application that reviews photos and documents to determine if they have been altered.

This service adds deep forensic expertise to your team to detect potential fraud in seconds.

Pays for itself with one identification of fraud.

Attestiv Platform and APIs

Tamper-proof document extraction and automation

Every item that gets analyzed by our system is given a score ranging between 1 to 100. Items scoring lower on the spectrum are considered to be trustworthy and need no further review.

We also group and analyze related images into an Analysis Report that summarizes and calls out areas needing review. Find out more about our tamper scoring and reporting capabilities >

drag and drop photo analysis

Attestiv Platform and APIs

Web dashboard or APIs

A simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly understand potential issues within your photos, videos and documents with easy interfaces and reporting.

In seconds, we detect and display photo or video anomalies and/or fraud attempts in a comprehensive dashboard.  Alternatively, all dashboard functionality is accessible via APIs and neatly integrates into your applications.

See the analysis in action on our guided demo >

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