No, Attestiv stores a fingerprint of each media asset on the ledger, which can be validated any time thereafter without changing the rendering of the media file

To get the highest level of authenticity, you have to use Attestiv apps. However, Attestiv does allow importing content from trusted sources or content that has been scanned for tampering.

Yes, Attestiv can intake documents as well, albeit unlikely media files, Attestiv can only validate the baseline state of the document when it is registered (as opposed to traceability from point of creation.

Attestiv can import the images based on their baseline state to prevent future alterations, or can import them after a forensic scan. In either case, validation will differentiate the status between authentic, imported and imported & scanned.

Attestiv provides APIs that integrate into your existing apps that work across a number of mobile and other OS platforms.

We are not cryptocurrency. We use blockchain technology in addition to other advanced technologies in the space of Artificial Intelligence, Mobile, Cybersecurity.

Attestiv registers fingerprints on distributed ledger and uses heuristics an AI to track anomalies. Because the ledger is decentralized, there is no central authority that can alter the fingerprints and the insider and outsider attack threat is exponentially reduced.

Attestiv offers the option to store your data on secure cloud storage, but can also store the data on existing enterprise storage, without affecting regulatory compliance, security and disaster recovery requirements for organizations.

There is no need for any personal data to be stored on the ledger. Some applications may store non-identifiable context metadata for media files.

Attestiv has a ledger agnostic architecture that plugs into virtually any ledger. We support default public ledgers for customers who do not have specific ledger requirements. Contact us for details.

Attestiv is a platform with products building upon its foundation of tamper-proof media. While most of our products are turnkey solutions, developers can use Attestiv APIs when building new products. Please contact us if you are interested in building products using our APIs.

Very recently, technology to manipulate photos and videos using AI has begun to proliferate, with results getting more difficult to detect. Unless you are using technology to detect media manipulations, chances are you may not realize the presence of fakes. Regardless of whether your organization has experienced fraud in the past, it now makes sense to build in Attestiv into any processes using digital media.

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