Authenticity of Evidence Detection in News & Media

Attestiv protects against fake and fraudulent digital media for news and media organizations that rely on photos and videos.

Disinformation Prevention

We protect against deepfakes, generative AI enhancements and other media alterations, increasing trust in image and video content.

Attestiv protects digital media, including photos videos and documents, against tampering and fraud with the industry’s most advanced, cloud-scale AI analysis.

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By identifying virtually all forms of fake or altered digital media, Attestiv protects your company’s customer-facing content and reputation

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media lifecycle management

Rapid and Timely Analysis

We realize news does not age well, so we designed Attestiv AI to analyze media in near-real time and provide actionable results quickly.

Attestiv uses GPU technology to provide rapid analysis of media so that you know what is suspect and what is real without sacrificing time.

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APIs that integrate seamlessly into your applications eliminates the need for a separate analysis platform and enables maintaining existing processes used for handling and storing media. 

Authenticity and Provenance

We provide real-time traceability of photos and videos to the source or point of capture. Detect any tampering or alterations to photos and videos.

Attestiv protects digital media, including photos videos and documents, against tampering and fraud in real-time, with the highest levels of data authenticity, tamper-proofing and analysis.

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Attestiv prevents alterations and tampering of digital media via multi-tiered security and chain of custody, limiting authorized access and immutably tracking change history.

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content protection

Current Challenges in News & Media

With digital adoption and digital transformation, individuals and organizations, rely more on:

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Electronic documents


Methods to alter media have proliferated, posing growing challenges:

  • Fraud — Deepfakes, Photoshops
  • Chain of custody, traceability
  • Reputation, trust issues

We provide:

Real-Time Content Validation >

We authenticate photos and/or videos at the time of capture and register the media. We provide a visible digital endorsement of each media item. Lastly, we can provide distribution and syndication details.

Multiple Delivery Methods >

Our technology is available via Attestiv mobile apps, Attestiv web apps and Attestiv integrated web APIs (for websites or mobile apps).

Content Protection >

We provide real-time traceability of photos and videos to the trusted source or point of capture. We can detect any tampering or alterations to photos and videos and display statistical alerts of any data manipulation.
Real-Time Content Validation
  • Authentication (fingerprinting) during photo or video capture

  • Registration of live photo/video capture

  • Visible digital endorsement

  • Understand where content is distributed/ syndicated
Multiple Delivery Methods
  • Attestiv mobile apps

  • Attestiv web apps

  • Attestiv integrated web APIs
    • For websites
    • For mobile apps
Content Protection
  • Real-time traceability of photos and videos to the trusted source or point of capture

  • Detection of tampering /alterations

  • View statistics/alerts of content manipulation

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Attestiv has developed a patent-pending platform that authenticates and validates digital media using a distributed ledger:
  • Authenticity of digital media and hardware at the point of capture providing:
    • Tamper-resistant photos and videos
    • Immunity by storing media fingerprints on a distributed ledger
    • Authenticated hardware (cameras, phones, etc.)
  • Import of existing media libraries
    • Register assets from a trusted sources
    • Register assets that have undergone media forensics
  • Flexible APIs for easy integration into existing workflows and capture hardware

Because not all media can be captured via Attestiv applications and APIs, Attestiv allows importing media captured by outside sources

  • Originating from trusted 3rd party sources
  • Forensically scanned and found to be free from tampering
  • Endorsed by trusted parties and organizations

Supporting multiple levels of authenticity ranging from authenticated capture, to imported, scanned, endorsed, or altered, Attestiv is an open system designed to work within the constraints of any media organization.

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