A higher standard for your digital data and media

We offer a suite of products and APIs designed to transform your business. We use our patent-pending validation technology to enhance each of our offerings.

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Enabling digital transformation

Self-service workflows that save time and improve results

Guided workflows and authenticated image & video enable your customers to document the condition of assets and provide you with essential details pertaining to your business.

Perfect for insurance, automotive, banking, construction industries and more. 

Safeguarding media

We secure your media making it tamper-proof

Attestiv makes photos, videos, and documents tamper-proof by “fingerprinting” them and storing fingerprints where they cannot be changed, on a blockchain or other distributed ledger.

Attestiv does not alter your media, and can fingerprint and validate media in real-time via mobile devices, APIs or the Attestiv web portal.

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Building trust through technology

We eliminate fake and tampered media

The Attestiv platform validates the authenticity of the uploaded media provided by your employees or customers. Using our patent-pending technology, you and your customers can trust what’s real.

Who uses Attestiv?

Building your business with help from our trusted enterprise solutions


Underwriting. Inspections.
Claims and subrogation


Safeguard digital devices and associated cloud-based systems, validate and protect mission-critical and business-critical communications

News & Media

Propaganda / Disinformation Prevention, News Media and / or Inspection Authentication / Validation, and Public Safety

Other Sectors

Real estate, construction, surveillance, disinformation campaigns, fake detection and prevention

Who uses Attestiv?

Building your business with help from our trusted enterprise solutions

Underwriting, inspections, claims and subrogation for the insurance ecosystem

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Safeguard digital devices and cloud-based systems, validate and protect business-critical communications​

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Propaganda and disinformation prevention, photo and video authentication and validation

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Real estate, construction, public safety, surveillance, fake detection and prevention

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