Photo and media verification technology

Photos and videos have become a prevalent part of everyday business workflows, but when was the last time you verified the authenticity of the photos and media your business relies on?

Over 1 trillion photos are projected to be taken in 2019, 85% of them with a smartphone [2017 – Statista].

With photo editing tools and Deepfakes more accessible than ever, many businesses are exposed to fraud by relying on potentially tampered media files, an epidemic that only promises to worsen over time.

At Attestiv, we are a team of experienced entrepreneurs with a vision to put provable authenticity into media files. Our products do this without the need for forensic expertise. Our technology transforms and simplifies business processes, utilizing advanced patent-pending technologies in mobile, AI and blockchain.

Attestiv products serve organizations in insurance, public safety, real estate and many other sectors, offering substantial benefits and fraud prevention while maintaining interoperability with existing systems. To learn more about our products sign up here.



Mobile apps and APIs that verify authenticity from the point of capture

Accuracy, tamper-resistance and fraud protection

Authenticity and AI-assist improve productivity, cut costs and reduce friction



If photos and videos are essential to your business, you can virtually eliminate the risk of fraud and tampering with Attestiv. Unlike forensic solutions which are cumbersome and limited in scale, Attestiv validates the authenticity of photos and videos from the point of capture to any time thereafter, with patent-pending inline validation.

Capture photos through our mobile apps or integrate our APIs directly into your existing mobile apps or fixed capture systems. Choose our light touch, near-zero effort integration or deeper integration to leverage the power of our AI-assisted workflows.

Beyond ensuring the authenticity of media, Attestiv’s AI-assisted capabilities streamline workflows, eliminating the need for intermediaries for verification and reducing manual entry via context-sensitive auto-population of reports and forms. Our smart media workflows are able to extract accurate context information directly from the media files to improve accuracy, save time and reduce overall costs.






Public safety

Evidentiary photos/media

Police Reports

Chain of custody

Real estate

Rental listings

Rental inspections

Building and construction



Validated listings

Fraud protection


Loan asset registration

Fraud protection

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Meet the Team


Nicos Vekiarides, CEO

Successful entrepreneur, co-founder & CEO of TwinStrata, grew financed, and sold company to EMC. VP of Cloud Technology EMC. Formerly VP Incipient, General Manager HP, VP StorageApps. Active partner Mentors Fund, Advisor, Board Member. B.S. MIT, M.S. Carnegie-Mellon, A.B.D. Carnegie-Mellon

John Bates, CTO

Successful entrepreneur, co-founder & CTO of TwinStrata, grew financed, and sold Twinstrata to EMC. Senior Technical Director at Dell. Formerly, Distinguished Technologist at Hewlett-Packard and Chief Scientist StorageApps. B.Sc. Brown University with focus on AI/ML

Mark Morley, COO

Former CFO Iomega, CFO Encore Computer, responsible for the Treasury dept. at Prime Computer, M&A at Sensormatic, senior staff at Deloitte, served in the United States Army Reserve, Amica Mutual. A.B. and J.D. Boston College, CPA, graduate Harvard Business School


Dan Geer

Well-known cybersecurity expert, multiple startups, Cybersecurity Hall of Fame, Keynote speaker: RSA and Black Hat conferences, Featured in the Financial Times. Dan is recognized for ground-breaking work on the economics of security. B.S.-MIT, D.Sc.-Harvard

Steve MacLellan

Advisor, board member, private investor, most recently, SVP Security Solutions and Architecture-Fidelity, and leader of multiple enterprise security, network, and IT risk programs. B.S. Boston College

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