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Photos & video that anyone can take and no one can fake.

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Attestiv trusted photo & media technology

Tampered media files expose people and businesses to fraud. This is an epidemic that is worsening over time.
Attestiv creates provable authenticity for media files, without watermarks or the need for forensic expertise.


Patent-pending technology “fingerprints” photos and videos to make them tamper proof and authenticates their chain of custody.

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New self-service business models eliminate the need for intermediaries to authenticate digital media or perform in-person inspections and photography.


Media capture & workflow APIs allow you to integrate tamper-proof media capture into your mobile and web apps.

A better foundation for digital media

Ground-breaking technology

Attestiv makes photos, videos, and docs tamper resistant by “fingerprinting” them and storing fingerprints where they cannot be changed, on a blockchain distributed ledger.

Attestiv does not alter your media, and can fingerprint and authenticate media in real-time via mobile devices, APIs or the Attestiv web portal.

Transform your business

Self-service inspections

Guided workflows and authenticated image & video capture enable your customers to document the condition of assets.

Perfect for insurance, home inspection, property rental, and the sales and transport of used goods.

Build trust

Eliminating deep fakes

Deepfakes can break the trust between news sources, influencers, and their followers.

Attestiv validates media authenticity and chain of ownership in real time, so you and your audience can trust what’s real.

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Attestiv named Top 10 Insurtech Companies in 2020

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Who uses Attestiv?

Build trust. Build business.

Attestiv photo and video verification helps organizations of all types build trust and transform their business with new services, cost savings, and fraud prevention.


Underwriting. Inspections.
Claims and subrogation.

Real Estate

Rental listings. Rental inspections.
Building and construction.

Public Safety

Evidentiary photos and video.
Police Reports. Chain of custody.


Loan asset registration.
Fraud protection.

News & Media

Deepfake prevention. Validated posts.
Validated photos and videos.


Enhanced vehicle listings. Condition verification for purchases, transport, rentals.

Build trust. Transform business. Save money.

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