Detection Platform & APIs for Fraud & AI

The Attestiv Platform and APIs enable validation of photos, videos and documents from virtually any source, using our native workflows or via API integration into your existing workflows. Any items received are automatically validated for authenticity in real-time.

dashboard view of the Attestiv Platform

Attestiv Platform and APIs

Tamper scoring

Every item that gets analyzed by our system is given a score ranging between 1 to 100. Items scoring lower on the spectrum are considered to be trustworthy and need no further review.

We also group and analyze related images into an Analysis Report that summarizes and calls out areas needing review. Find out more about our tamper scoring and reporting capabilities >

Attestiv Platform and APIs

Document validation

Through AI technologies, like intelligent document processing (IDP), businesses can save thousands, even millions of dollars in manual document inspections, but these efficiencies may come with pitfalls. With available off-the-shelf software and apps, it’s easy for fraudsters to manipulate documents and create results that look authentic. To counter this threat, the original documents need to be verified to ensure they are authentic and not altered – preferably in an automated fashion that does not require manual inspections.

When deploying document automation, an automated layer of fraud detection safeguards all parties. Learn more >

Attestiv Platform and APIs

Deep scan pixel analysis

Utilizing advanced machine learning, Attestiv analyzes images at pixel-level, visually overlaying heatmaps on the images, demonstrating how and where the images might have been manipulated.

Find out more about our newest feature >

white car with red heat map type overlay sitting on different areas of the car noting areas of concern
drag and drop photo analysis

Attestiv Platform and APIs

Web dashboard or APIs

A simple drag-and-drop interface allows you to quickly understand potential issues within your photos, videos and documents with easy interfaces and reporting.

In seconds, we detect and display photo or video anomalies and/or fraud attempts in a comprehensive dashboard.  Alternatively, all dashboard functionality is accessible via APIs and neatly integrates into your applications.

See the analysis in action on our guided demo >

Attestiv Platform and APIs

Tamper-proofing via fingerprinting

An Attestiv fingerprint is a unique identifier that we create for a digital asset like a photo, video or document that we use to validates the authenticity at any point in the future.

By anchoring the fingerprint of each item to the blockchain, Attestiv prevents potential insider and outsider threats. Learn more about our Fingerprint status levels >

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ipad screen showing insights information

Attestiv Platform and APIs

Actionable insights

Our insights provide analysis across larger groupings of information so you can understand rates of anomalies and develop actionable solutions optimizing and securing your digital media intake methods.

Graphical reports across several categories enable you to focus on the areas that matter most for improving the quality of data used for making important decisions.

Platform Features

Secure, evidence-grade proof​

Because fingerprints are stored in a tamper-proof blockchain ledger to ensure authentication, your data cannot be compromised. Traditional chain of custody protocols are no longer needed as digital media can be securely vaulted or shared with trusted parties. Regardless, Attestiv can identify changes or alterations, even eliminating insider threats.

Optimized Customer Experience

Whether your goal is to streamline workflows to save time and money or retain your existing branded front-end without altering familiar interfaces, Attestiv solutions will meet your user experience goals while you modernize the handling, tracking and validation of digital media files.

Patented technology

Attestiv makes extensive use of AI algorithms to perform image categorization, text extraction, and authentication. Attestiv can even authenticate versions of an original photo or video that have been saved in different resolutions or formats.


Attestiv is designed to meet enterprise security and compliance requirements, offering a storage agnostic architecture allowing secure storage of data virtually anywhere, ledger-agnostic architecture compatible with a choice of public or private distributed ledgers and enterprise ACLs that operate seamlessly with your existing user management.

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