Attestiv products are powered by the Attestiv Platform built on our patented AI technology. Our customizable technology solutions, delivered via apps and APIs, work for your business needs.

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Attestiv Platform and APIs

The Attestiv Platform and APIs allows you to easily request and receive photos & information from your customers. Any items received will be automatically validated for authenticity.

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Media Analysis

Using our AI powered technology, Attestiv Analyze scans existing photos, videos or documents and determine if they are fraudulent.

Results help you understand and minimize fraud and risk.

Stop digital media fraud before it becomes costly

Simple to deploy – Works with any local or cloud data requiring no changes to existing applications

Enterprise-grade security, privacy and interoperability

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Media De-Identification

Attestiv offers an AI-based image de-identification service that accelerates the process of de-identifying images using advanced AI technology.

The service offers substantial improvements in speed and cost over a manual de-identification process, while maintaining the same level of accuracy and compliance as a manual process.

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Tamper-proof photos & videos

As data is captured from cameras or imported from media libraries, Attestiv tags the media with metadata and stores a unique “fingerprint” in an encrypted, tamper-proof blockchain distributed ledger.

Patent-pending technology

Attestiv makes extensive use of AI algorithms to perform image categorization, text extraction, and authentication. Attestiv can even authenticate versions of an original photo or video that have been saved in different resolutions or formats.

Multiple authenticity levels

Attestiv verifies authenticity throughout the media file’s lifecycle and chain of custody. From Authenticated capture, to Imported, Scanned, Endorsed, or Altered.

Secure, evidence-grade proof

Because fingerprints are stored in a tamper-proof blockchain ledger to ensure authentication, your data cannot be compromised. Traditional chain of custody protocols are no longer needed as media can be securely vaulted or shared with trusted parties. Regardless, Attestiv can identify changes or alterations, even eliminating insider threats.


Attestiv is designed to meet enterprise security and compliance requirements, offering a storage agnostic architecture allowing secure storage of data virtually anywhere, ledger-agnostic architecture compatible with a choice of public or private distributed ledgers and enterprise ACLs that operate seamlessly with your existing user management.

Optimized User Experience

Whether your goal is to streamline workflows to save time and money or retain your existing branded front-end without altering familiar interfaces, Attestiv solutions will meet your user experience goals while you modernize the handling, tracking and validation of media files.

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