Algorand: Insurers investigate, blockchain corroborates

Attestiv believes its AI-driven media validation technology can help insurers detect false claims that cost them $40 billion a year. Algorand, a blockchain firm focused on decentralized finance, said it is working with an image tampering detection firm to help insurance companies detect when fraudulent claims are made. Insurance fraud is a big problem in […]

Algorand Targets Insurance Fraud With New Partnership

Blockchain firms Algorand and Attestiv are teaming up to fight insurance fraud using DLT. Distributed ledger technology (DLT) firm Algorand has partnered with blockchain-based tamper-proof media verification platform Attestiv to target fraud within the insurance industry. The firms will combine their tech to develop a single platform for verifying digital media for a multitude of […]

Algorand Announces First Insurtech Use Case: Attestiv Digital Media Validation for Fraud Prevention

May 20, 2020 — Boston, MA — Algorand, the company building the world’s first open-source, permissionless, pure proof-of-stake blockchain protocol, announced today that Attestiv will use its technology to enable digital transformation across the insurance industry, addressing an over $40B opportunity to reduce P&C insurance fraud in the US alone. Attestiv’s core technology enables digital […]

Is This Real Life? Exploring Synthetic Media Detection

While synthetic media detection remains an all hands on deck effort, a number of tools and technologies already exist that can help to provide a solution, including those that focus on immutable content and data provenance. Some of these tools and technologies are featured on the Disinfo Cloud platform and can help counter disinformation by […]

How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Insurance

Here, we present the global megatrends that risk disrupting the insurance industry, and look at some of the insurtechs using AI to succeed. Insurance is an industry that thrives on predictability. The more certain the outcome, the more insurance firms can be sure to offer fair rates and generate value for customers and shareholders alike. […]

Goldilocks Q&A with Nicos Vekiarides, CEO at Attestiv

Every week, our Goldilocks section features an exclusive interview with a different founder, who is fresh from successfully raising a round and flush with insights into breaking into existing markets, creating their own, and inspiring investors to take part in their vision. This week features Nicos Vekiarides, co-founder and CEO of Boston-based Attestiv, which provides a platform […]

Industry Innovators Interview: Attestiv

Modern Insurance caught up with Nicos Vekiarides, CEO and Co-founder of Attestiv, to see how Attestiv is looking to do things differently for the industry.  Read More

Plug and Play Accepts 167 Startups for its Summer 2020 Batches

Plug and Play announced today the 167 startups chosen for their Summer 2020 Batches. These startups were selected by Plug and Play’s corporate partner network and will enter one of the following programs for the next three months: Energy, EnterpriseTech, Fintech, Health, Insurtech, Internet of Things, Mobility, and Real Estate & Construction. 30% of companies […]

Attestiv Vignette by Deep Analysis

Attestiv caught our eye early on as a start-up that is ahead of the curve in developing practical applications that leverage blockchain. More importantly, the company has focused in on a specific industry vertical rather than taking the path of many start-ups that try to “boil the ocean.” Read More