Digital media authenticity

Attestiv protects digital media, including photos videos and documents, against tampering and fraud in real-time, with the highest levels of data authenticity, tamper-proofing and analysis.

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How we help

Fraud & Loss Prevention

We protect against fraud and loss by tamper-proofing all digital media. Attestiv protects new media from the point of capture as well as existing media.

A Foundation for Automation

Our customizable solutions enable secure, validated image, video and document capture from any smartphone for a touch-less experience to ensure safety and simplicity.

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Real-Time Media Analysis

In seconds, we use AI to detect photo or video anomalies and/or fraud attempts by using our 6-point forensic scan generating a tamper score so you can make proactive decisions.

Data Integrity Maintainance

Your data will maintain provable integrity throughout its life-cycle with the Attestiv Platform also providing the highest levels of security and privacy



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News & Media

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Digital media authenticity

Use Cases

Insurance Claims Photos

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Insurance Underwriting Photos – Proof of Existence and Condition

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image showing wall damaged that has been altered

Condition of Assets – Before & After Photos

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