Can you trust AI detectors?

Attestiv’s AI detector program is built on advanced algorithms and meticulously tested machine learning techniques, on which we continuously strive to improve. Our mission is to provide reliable results and […]

Can AI content be detected?

Indeed, it can. This is the reason Attestiv’s AI detection software was designed. Our program detects AI-generated content, including deepfakes and other forms of synthetic media, so you can ensure […]

How does Attestiv help with claims?

As photographs and videos are often gathered via self-service from policyholders or claimants, the media needs to be validated to protect against alterations or fraud. Attestiv does this at scale […]

How does Attestiv help with underwriting?

Attestiv analyzes the authenticity of photos, videos, and documents through AI-based forensic analysis, thus reducing fraud by validating the condition of assets being insured.

Does Attestiv store my data?

It depends: if you use Attestiv drag-and-drop analysis on the Dashboard or our analysis APIs, it will not permanently store any data in our database. However, if you create records […]