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Combating Propaganda & Disinformation


There is a growing epidemic of antagonistic propaganda and exploitation of celebrity in the news and social media.  This epidemic can be attributed to the dissemination of deepfake videos and images.

The Solution

Attestiv has developed a patent-pending platform that authenticates and validates digital media using a distributed ledger:
  • Authenticity of digital media and hardware at the point of capture providing:
    • Tamper-resistant photos and videos
    • Immunity by storing media fingerprints on a distributed ledger
    • Authenticated hardware (cameras, phones, etc.)
  • Import of existing media libraries
    • Register assets from a trusted sources
    • Register assets that have undergone media forensics
  • Flexible APIs for easy integration into existing workflows and capture hardware

Because not all media can be captured via Attestiv applications and APIs, Attestiv allows importing media captured by outside sources

  • Originating from trusted 3rd party sources
  • Forensically scanned and found to be free from tampering
  • Endorsed by trusted parties and organizations

Supporting multiple levels of authenticity ranging from authenticated capture, to imported, scanned, endorsed, or altered, Attestiv is an open system designed to work within the constraints of any media organization.

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Value Proposition

  • Protect against deepfakes, increasing the ability to verify third-party media content for authenticity

  • Prove chain of custody of digital media files without large teams of forensic experts

  • Protect genuine third-party journalists’ image and video content against adversarial claims 

  • Increase general public trust in image and video content that has been verified by Attestiv

  • Enable governments to confirm if adversarial image and video content is fake, and inform partners and the public

  • Share content with confidence

How it works:

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