Inspection App

We’ve created the Attestiv Inspect App to streamline the inspection process with device driven media capture and organization. 


The Attestiv Inspect App

The Attestiv Adjuster Inspection App reduces your on-site property inspection time by more than 50%.

Photos from the inspected property can be easily ordered, marked up, labelled and sent as as a PDF report directly from your mobile phone to the claim examiner in between inspections.

Learn more about Attestiv for the Claims Adjuster

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Benefits for the Inspector:

  • Photos from the inspected property can be ordered, marked up, labelled and emailed as a report directly to the carrier desk examiner minutes after inspection
  • Time saved between inspections can be used productively to process photos for claims inspection report
  • More time saved means adjusters can take on more claims/month resulting in increased income
  • Helps build better adjuster/examiner relationship

Benefits for the Carriers:

Early inspection of photos from property damage can help the carrier:

  • Quickly determine if another expert needs to be sent on site i.e. structural engineer, roofer, special investigator, etc.
  • Determine if more pictures need to be taken
  • Make an early determination of coverage
  • Establish loss reserves appropriate for the claim

The Attestiv Adjuster Inspection app will increase your speed of appraisal by reducing photo management and decreases submission time by 75%. We integrate your tools, streamline report generation for faster submissions. 

You will process claims faster and eliminate manual data entry.

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