Intelligent document capture

Attestiv automates document analysis, reading and processing text within documents, eliminating manual entry and creating a streamlined, mobile-first customer experience.

Text and data extraction

How we help

Elimination of Manual Data Entry

By automating cumbersome tasks like manual data entry, your staff can spend more time focusing on what matters most to your business.

A Better Customer Experience

Your customers can easily submit documents using their smartphones, speeding up transactions, without forms to complete.

Improved Accuracy

We virtually eliminate the risk of form-fill errors, saving time and improving the accuracy of the information being processed.



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Financial Services

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Text and Data Extraction

Use Cases

Insurance Claims Photos

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Top view of a female photographer working in studio looking at the prints lying on desk. Female photographer choosing the best image from several photo shoots.

Insurance Underwriting Photos – Proof of Existence and Condition

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image showing wall damaged that has been altered

Condition of Assets – Before & After Photos

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While generative AI has many potential positive applications, such as generating fun art, creating virtual worlds, helping write articles and assisting in creative design, there are also negative impacts.

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