Media anonymization

Attestiv protects sensitive or classified digital media via redaction, blurring or de-identification without compromising the fidelity of the original digital media.

Attestiv Media anonymization​

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Anonymization and Privacy Protection

Meet strict HIPAA standards and guidelines for using or sharing digital media. Benefits include eliminating manual processes for de-identification, enables broader datasets for AI training and offers enterprise-grade security and privacy.

Minimize Risk Exposure for ePHI

Protect against costly and catastrophic breaches for digital media containing protected healthcare information.

Digital Media Redaction

Protect identities and sensitive content through selective redaction of digital media.

Highest Levels of Privacy and Security

Attestiv maintains the security and confidentiality of data being processed for de-identification. With a robust privacy policy and HIPAA compliance, your data is always protected.



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Media Processing

Use Cases

Insurance Claims Photos

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Insurance Underwriting Photos – Proof of Existence and Condition

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image showing wall damaged that has been altered

Condition of Assets – Before & After Photos

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Can Blockchain Solve Data’s Integrity Problem?

Goodness is hard to measure. More so in the field of Cybersecurity. In the physical world, if you possess something, say a $1 bill, you have it. If you spend it, you don’t have it. If someone steals it, you don’t have it, either. The digital world is quite different.

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Podcast Feature: How Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are Disrupting Digital Data

Companies like Attestiv, using the combination of AI and blockchain (or distributed ledger technology) have been able to carve a solid defense for organizations to put authenticity back into digital media.

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