Attestiv for News & Media

Build trust with your followers through authenticated digital photos and videos.

Digital assets in the news & media

  • Digital photos and videos are the lifeblood of modern media
  • Publishing deepfakes betrays your followers' trust
  • Technology to alter photos and videos is outpacing technology to detect deepfakes

Attestiv protects against deepfakes

  • Protect against deepfakes
  • Prove chain of custody of digital media files--without hiring large teams of forensic experts
  • Trust what you see, trust what you share

How Attestiv works

Tamper-proof media capture Attestiv validates the authenticity of photos and videos from the point of capture to any time thereafter, with patent-pending inline validation. Capture or import media files from mobile devices or digital media libraries through the Attestiv mobile app or APIs. Attestiv tags the media with metadata like timestamp, photographer ID, device ID, geographic location, weather. Then it computes a unique "fingerprint" for the digital media asset and stores it in an encrypted, tamper-proof format and location. Real-time validation and multiple levels of authenticity Attestiv displays the status of media on sight: Authentic, Imported, Scanned, Endorsed, Altered. Contact us today to learn how Attestiv can help you build greater trust with your followers.

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