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In that context, and referencing the good-better-best paradigm, anytime we get a chance to present our solution to a group of influential industry executives is good. Presenting Attestiv to a large group is even better. Presenting the primary value of Attestiv to 200 insurance industry experts, in insurance hub New York City, and sponsored by a leading US Insurtech accelerator, Plug-N-Play – that’s best. 

To recap, Plug-N-Play, based in Silicon Valley, is a leading US accelerator for insurance technology, nationally recognized as a strategic influencer in the insurance community. On November 19, 2019, in its first Focus Day in New York, Plug-N-Play invited regional insurance executives to hear from a group of 19 new Insurtechs, Attestiv being one. Each company was given 5 minutes on stage to provide an overview of its solution. The setting was unique, the room was standing-room-only, electric, and filled with interested insurance company, agency, and investor executives.

Watch the video below:

To summarize, based on a show of hands, the category of the “deep-fake” is little known in the insurance community. Deep-fake technology is a growing phenomenon and more than capable of increasing the adverse impact of claims fraud in the insurance industry.

Enter Attestiv. By registering photos and videos of assets on the blockchain using Attestiv, insurance policyholders, agents and adjusters, really anyone that plays a role in the underwriting and claims process, can now establish identity and authenticity of assets at a given point in time and space. DLT, distributed ledger technology, the new database architecture for the 2020’s and beyond, provides the necessary immutability, security, and shareability of the data. 

We were and are grateful for the chance to present at the Plug-N-Play Focus Day 2019 in New York. 
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Is claims fraud currently a significant issue in your business? Would you like to learn more about the dangers of deep-fake technology in the context of insurance? Let’s have a conversation and finds ways to provide additional competitive advantage, improve productivity, and reduce the cost of doing business in insurance. 

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Attestiv provides authenticity and validation for digital photos, videos and documents using patented tamper-proofing blockchain technology and AI analysis. 

Deepfakes and Claims Automation

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Nicos Vekiarides

Nicos Vekiarides

Nicos Vekiarides is the Chief Executive Officer & co-founder of Attestiv. He has spent the past 20+ years in enterprise IT and cloud, as a CEO & entrepreneur, bringing innovative new technologies to market. His previous startup, TwinStrata, an innovative cloud storage company where he pioneered cloud-integrated storage for the enterprise, was acquired by EMC in 2014. Before that, he brought to market the industry’s first storage virtualization appliance for StorageApps, a company later acquired by HP.

Nicos holds 6 technology patents in storage, networking and cloud technology and has published numerous articles on new technologies. Nicos is a partner at Mentors Fund, an early-stage venture fund, a mentor at Founder Institute Boston, where he coaches first-time entrepreneurs, and an advisor to several companies. Nicos holds degrees from MIT and Carnegie Mellon University.

Mark Morley

Mark Morley is the Chief Operating Officer of Attestiv.

He received his formative Data Integrity training at Deloitte. Served as the CFO of Iomega (NYSE), the international manufacturer of Zip storage devices, at the time,  the second fastest-growing public company in the U.S.. He served as the CFO of Encore Computer (NASDAQ) as it grew from Revenue of $2 million to over $200 million. During “Desert Storm”, Mark was required to hold the highest U.S. and NATO clearances.

Mark authored a seminal article on Data Integrity online (Wall Street Journal Online). Additionally, he served as EVP, General Counsel and CFO at Digital Guardian, a high-growth cybersecurity company.

Earlier in his career, he worked at an independent insurance agency, Amica as a claims representative, and was the CEO of the captive insurance subsidiary of a NYSE company.

He obtained Bachelor (Economics) and Doctor of Law degrees from Boston College and is a graduate of Harvard Business School.