Attestiv Inc. Receives Investment from Borderless Capital

September 3, 2020 – Boston, MA Borderless Capital, a venture capital fund that invests in category-leading businesses leveraging Algorand technology has announced its investment in Attestiv Inc. This funding represents a commitment to blockchain technology to provide security within digital transformation initiatives across insurance and a variety of industries with Attestiv’s digital media validation platform. 

Attestiv helps industries such as insurance accelerate digital transformation, without the increasing threat of fraud from deepfakes and media alterations. Using the Algorand blockchain as a system of record for fingerprinting media at the point of capture or after AI-based forensic analysis, Attestiv serves as a foundational platform for any organization reliant on digital photos, videos and documents. Furthermore, Attestiv fills a growing need for self-service and remote operations.

Paul Gagliotti, CEO of, an insurance exchange provider that uses Attestiv’s platform to enable self-service inspection processes, stated, “Tamper-proof self-service inspections have streamlined the underwriting process for commercial insurance lines, providing a richer information set to make decisions”.

Blockchain is a transformative technology that is able to disrupt many traditional processes in insurance with its combination of trust and automation. Not only does it provide the ability to automate manual tasks for straight-through processing, but it also can take a bite out of the annual $40B P&C fraud experienced in the US alone. In particular, Attestiv is leveraging the Algorand blockchain because it was designed from the ground up to power complex applications that require speed, scale, finality and security, while being cost-effective and precise.

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Attestiv provides authenticity and validation for digital photos, videos and documents using patented tamper-proofing blockchain technology and AI analysis. 

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Nicos Vekiarides

Nicos Vekiarides

Nicos Vekiarides is the Chief Executive Officer & co-founder of Attestiv. He has spent the past 20+ years in enterprise IT and cloud, as a CEO & entrepreneur, bringing innovative new technologies to market. His previous startup, TwinStrata, an innovative cloud storage company where he pioneered cloud-integrated storage for the enterprise, was acquired by EMC in 2014. Before that, he brought to market the industry’s first storage virtualization appliance for StorageApps, a company later acquired by HP.

Nicos holds 6 technology patents in storage, networking and cloud technology and has published numerous articles on new technologies. Nicos is a partner at Mentors Fund, an early-stage venture fund, a mentor at Founder Institute Boston, where he coaches first-time entrepreneurs, and an advisor to several companies. Nicos holds degrees from MIT and Carnegie Mellon University.

Mark Morley

Mark Morley is the Chief Operating Officer of Attestiv.

He received his formative Data Integrity training at Deloitte. Served as the CFO of Iomega (NYSE), the international manufacturer of Zip storage devices, at the time,  the second fastest-growing public company in the U.S.. He served as the CFO of Encore Computer (NASDAQ) as it grew from Revenue of $2 million to over $200 million. During “Desert Storm”, Mark was required to hold the highest U.S. and NATO clearances.

Mark authored a seminal article on Data Integrity online (Wall Street Journal Online). Additionally, he served as EVP, General Counsel and CFO at Digital Guardian, a high-growth cybersecurity company.

Earlier in his career, he worked at an independent insurance agency, Amica as a claims representative, and was the CEO of the captive insurance subsidiary of a NYSE company.

He obtained Bachelor (Economics) and Doctor of Law degrees from Boston College and is a graduate of Harvard Business School.