Attestiv: An Innovative Tech Startup to Watch Out for in 2021

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Edgy Labs

December 6, 2020 – Thanks to advancements in artificial intelligence, spotting deep fakes is more challenging than ever. So, it becomes necessary to devise a solution that could discern a stored asset’s authenticity.

Attestiv uses AI and blockchain technology to assure the authenticity of digital media. That way, it could help organizations with fraud prevention and detection.

Shortly after raising $2 million seed, Attestiv teamed up with another blockchain firm, Algorand, to fight insurance fraud.

Attestiv is currently enjoying several recognitions. And that includes the 2020 Insurtech 100 for its tech innovation within the insurance market.


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Attestiv provides authenticity for data, photos, and videos, eliminating deepfake threats, data tampering, and enabling new efficiencies for enterprises.

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