Podcast Feature: How Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence are Disrupting Digital Data

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You may have heard how deepfake videos have set the social media world abuzz, taking a hatchet to the old term “seeing is believing.” Simply put, deepfakes are allowing content creators to produce fake videos using advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology that seamlessly swaps faces and puts words in people’s mouths in ways that appear very realistic and believable. To complicate matters, rapid advancements in AI technology are making these fake videos even more seamless and harder to detect, often without the forensic traces found in videos modified by more primitive means. While this problem is creating chaos in a social media world already plagued by “fake news” debates, it also carries serious implications for other organizations that rely on digital photos, media and data.

Check out the full interview with Nicos Vekiarides and interviewer Frank Makrides from the Disruption Everywhere podcast.

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