Attestiv for Public Safety

Verified digital media that stands up in court.

Digital media in public safety

  • Evidentiary photos and video captured from mobile devices, surveillance cameras, police cams, video servers,...
  • Document scenes of crimes, accidents, natural disasters
  • Media has to stand up in court

How Attestiv helps

  • Ensures the authenticity of digital media without the cost of paid intermediaries, manual data entry, expert testimony, or new computing infrastructure.
  • Very easy to share digital media with other public departments, and even citizens and local businesses, and keep track of chain of custody throughout.

How Attestiv works

Evidence-grade digital media Unlike forensic solutions which are cumbersome and limited in scale, Attestiv validates the authenticity of photos and videos from the point of capture to any time thereafter, with patent-pending inline validation. Capture or import digital media files from mobile devices, body and car cams, drones, and surveillance systems through the Attestiv mobile app or APIs. Attestiv tags the media with metadata like timestamp, photographer ID, device ID, geographic location, weather. Then it computes a unique "fingerprint" for the digital media asset and stores it in an encrypted, tamper-proof format and location. Smart media workflows You can even use the Attestiv platform to define smart media workflows that guide public employees, citizens, and businesses through the media capture and sharing process, which improves accuracy, saves time, and reduces overall costs. Contact us today to learn how Attestiv can help transform public safety in your locality.

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